Atlas Property Services is made up of professionals in property management, development and promotion and has specialized partners in the range of its activities, highly qualified and passionate about their work.

  • Konstantinos Zagkos, MEng Civil / Structural Engineer [NTUA] with twenty years of experience in design, development and construction of residential and non-residential projects as well as real estate development.

Contributing to this effort are:

  • specialized engineers (architects, engineers, surveyors) with their teams, who share with us: ideas, values, vision and are established professionals.

  • the law team of Stavros Koumentakis:, frames our team in the most perfect and sophisticated way, capable of carrying out the simplest to the most complex case with efficiency, always with a view to safeguarding the interests of our clients

  • the financial team of George Dalianis:, a pioneer in the financial management of businesses, in the management of resources and subsidies (state and European), which traces the safest financial path to serve the interests of each of our clients. With shared values such as:
Ethics | Consistency | Efficiency | Integrity | High Standards of Quality and Professionalism
as well as our ability to work as a team, we aim, all together, to ensure the best results for our clients.


At Atlas Property Services:

we listen to everyone’s needs and make your dreams come true with the highest standards. Your satisfaction is our praise!